I have lots of food commercial experience under my belt. From ice cream, cheese, butter and other dairy, to meat products, dumplings and more. The experience I have gives me the knowledge to foresee any issues that might occur during production and post, and solve these during pre production.

I feel I have a good ear for music, as well as a close attention to detail in the editing process. I love working with actors, tell dramatic stories. Onners are one of my favorite approaches to shooting a scene.


My motto is: The real doers in this world are the ones who always look for solutions, the rest are just looking for excuses.


Brands: Megafon, Huawei, Tez Tour, Rolsen, Elitech, Zepter, Savage, Russky Kholod, Alvisa, Mamba, Sibirskaya Kollectsia, Carl’s Jr., Ralf Ringer etc.


Music Videos: Slava, Egor Kreed, Seryoga, Bianka, St1m, Satsura, Max Lorens etc.